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Context switching is exhausting 🥲

Nowadays, we work from so many different web apps to get our work done, whether it's Notion, Pitch, Linear, or Canva.

We create a lot of content or task on these tools, and sometimes while working on other apps or pages, we need to jump between those tools to create Notion documents, Canva images, or Linear issues.

That can really be time-consuming, and as an ADHD person, it can be quite mentally taxing to jump around.

But what if you could quickly start creating those docs or images without navigation to Notion or Canva?

Well, with SigmaOS, you can just do that super easy.

Quick actions

You can use the Lazy Search to easily create a new Notion doc, a new Tweet, a new Pitch presentation, or an issue on Linear and more from where ever you are.

Do things quickly 🤩

Just hit “/“ to open the lazy search or “command + K” for the command line and type "Start new Canva project" or "Start new Notion document" to do a quick action 👌🏼

the lazy search quick actions
the lazy search quick actions

Use SigmaOS to make your life easier!

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