Don't fight tabs. Create flows! 🌊

Be organized; stay lazy 😌

How you flow with SigmaOS workspaces

The war of tabs and windows βš”οΈ

Ok, by show of hands, who here has 50+ tabs open across multiple browser windows and needs to jump between them constantly? βœ‹πŸΌ

I feel like this has become so normal these days that you would be the odd one out if you didn't have that many tabs and windows open. But the question is, is that necessarily a bad thing?

Well, actually, we don’t think so. Bear with me for a second, and I will explain. We found out that the real issue is not having too many tabs, but just that these tabs are scattered and hard to navigate to.

Some of us here have 300+ pages open on SigmaOS. Some of our top users even have a lot more than that open on SigmaOS 🀯, but they still find it easy to navigate and don't feel overwhelmed at all; why is that?

Well, it can be described with one word: flows!

The peace of having a flow 😌

In SigmaOS, you can group and order your pages in workspaces. This creates a flow for you.

Flows make you stay in the zone with zero effort.

For example, this is my β€œday starter” workspace. I go through all of its pages in order in the morning and then snooze them to hide them until the next day.

Alright, now let me quickly show you how you can create your own flows with SigmaOS’ workspaces. πŸ˜‡

How do I get started? πŸ˜„

Just hit "W" on your keyboard to create your new workspace!

You can choose from one of the templates we suggest or start from scratch by typing the name of your workspace and picking an emoji for it 😌

Here are a few examples of different flows I use daily!

What about different accounts? πŸͺ

The great thing about SigmaOS's workspaces is you can have GDrive, Notion, Airtable, etc., in each of your workspaces with different accounts, thanks to separate cookie jars.

When creating a workspace, click on the little cog icon at the end of the text box, toggle the "Separate cookies" option, and hit "Enter." Or, if you have an existing workspace and want separate logins for it, just hit "option + W" on your keyboard, and you can do the same steps as before.

How you can create workspaces with separate logins

Use SigmaOS to make your life easier!

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