Personalize your pages ✍️

It is a lot nicer to look for pages that you named than random titles πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

β€œWait, what was it called again?β€œ 😫

Honestly, the titles of pages on websites have become frustrating at this point.

It is so annoying when I'm looking for my Spotify page, but the title of the page is the name of the song, or worse than them all is when I want to quickly jump to my team Slack between all the other Slack workspaces, and I have to go through every "Slack | announcement | ..." page…

like what the actual f**k??

Does it really have to be this annoying to find your pages? What if you could personalize the pages to make them more sensible for you? to have peace of mind?

Well, SigmaOS might actually have that for you!

The bliss of renamed page titles 😌

Rename the title of each tab, web app, and page on SigmaOS to what they mean to you.

"Enter Sandman . Metallica" becomes "music", your "Slack | announcement | ..." becomes "team slack", "Users: Database - Airtable" just becomes "Airtable", "Google - Calendar - Week of xth month" becomes "Calendar".

But it doesn't stop there. I personally think the coolest thing about renaming your pages is that you can go the extra lazy mile and just quickly search for them in the Lazy search since now they are unique and more memorable for you

Rename your pages 🌟

Just double-click the page or use "command + K" and search for β€œrename page” to start renaming

SigmaOS workspace with renamed tabs

Use SigmaOS to make your life easier!

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