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Me showing all my searches and brain dump to people

“Wait, what was I doing again? “😵‍💫

I am super ADHD, so I do a lot of quick, sometimes random, searches while working.

These searches clutter my workspaces with random searches, making my OCD very unhappy. Or worse than that, I lose track of what I was doing.

So we started thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if you could quickly search for anything in a different place, and when you are done, you are taken back to where you just were?

SigmaOS might have a little trick up its sleeve for you.

Quick Searches ⚡️

We call it “Quick searches,” a temporary workspace that automatically goes away when you are done with your searches.

Just open “Quick mode” and check the current time in San Francisco, the address to a pub, or open any article and brain dump you have.

Zap through Searches 🏃

Just hit “Q” on your keyboard or click the zap button at the top-right.

Just hit “Option + Q” to clear all the pages in Quick mode.

SigmaOS Quick search

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